Ramadan trail day one (2015) – Crowning our martyrs

20 Jun

It is an intrusive thing, the cessation of a loved one. We all know that we reside here for a limited time and one day, we might end up in a Cemetery, underneath the calculated depth of the ground, covered in a white sheet. Yet it hits us as a surprise when it comes to someone we know. It’s like climbing up the stairs in the dark and thinking there is one more stair, but there isn’t. We cripple, fall down, and then there is a moment when you try and readjust the way we thought of things.

But sometimes, it’s more than a moment that you require. Specially when you’ve lost your school going kid, who fell victim to the worst form of terrorism, it may take a lifetime. It’s about 16 December, APS Peshawar attack. We can condole them, send in a million messages of hope and solidarity, but that void stays there. The only thing that gives there family strength is the promise that divine has given, that they’re alive and are in the most pacifistic of place. But when these families see us weeping and rising for the call of justice for their lost kids, they envision there Shaheeds being crowned for awakening a nation who has been deaf to plenty of attacks and losses.

I will take the revenge, I will fight with my pen, I will fight with my spirit never to bow down in front of terrorism. – It’s not the army, it’s Pakistani common man rising.above his deluge that he isn’t in the state of war and he isn’t meant to battle. He is on the battlefield now, geared up to fight for his kids. Terrorism HAS to leave Pakistan.

On the first day of Ramadan, I learned never to forget our martyrs when we count our Heros! May God Bless them all. Ameen



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