Ramadan trial day 2 – Heat reminds me, I am blessed.

20 Jun


Who didn’t came across the colloquial headline of the week? Karachi breaks it’s former 10 years record by letting the sun boil our land up to 45 Celsius. That’s too much, Eucharistic-ally as we say. We have ran out of options. We can’t keep ourselves hydrated through out the day, can’t stick by the Air conditioners all day long, Can’t even ask for electricity 24 hours round the clock (That’s way too much to ask for) ! Complaints never cease, but I paused and questioned my self, Is it really the peak of distress?

As I strolled down the shy lane by my apartment, I lifted up my gaze to catch a glimpse of the wrinkled Gola Ganda wala, who preserved hope in his eyes as he witnessed little kids craving for what he carried in the cart. The fierce Sun, equivocally distributed it’s scorch and warmth over him, but he continued smiling, guarding his hope. Will he have air conditioner at his residence? I thought. And gradually let my self, gaze the ground, because I knew that he barely might have a standard fan to fight swelter.

Where am I standing? Where are we standing? It’s much more than being thankful to God, it’s about adjusting the word ‘ADJUST’ in our lives. Adjust to the everyday deductions in our luxuries, may be demotions, changes which may not be the best for us, but they occur anyway. Quit trying to control things which aren’t meant to be controlled. It gets so much easier!

So, this is to the Summer Solis-tics and the temperature out there. I might burn my color and strength under you, but perseverance lasts. After all, I want to be stronger than many out there!

God Bless.


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