It’s my tale…

I am a cobweb with multiple dimensions. Dignified along a lane, as I feel proud of being Gods’ creature. Aggressive on the other side as I feel that if it’s not me, it’s nobody to fix things. joyful as I desire to seize every flying moment. Moody, as when in good times, I ruin the bliss with the thought of bad times….

But what matters to me, is the insignificant presence of moments I could recall in, when I’ll have wrinkles and side lines on my face and I would be lying on a rolling chair with a glass of water and a blanket by my side. The memories of winter walks, summer trips, birthday surprises, foods, coffee, my white coat, my room, my best buddy, my face book page, my cellphone, gifts, the sunsets, my mothers’ smile, my fathers’ blessings, my sisters’ teasing, random calls, social events….. CRICKET, long drives, health and peace!

Academically, I am a young student who has stepped into the field on medicine. I am Bachelors in Dental Surgery and plan to be a practicing dentist in future…..This might happen in a 4 years time span, but my inspiration to write would continue no matter which door I knock! – quality of a born or an inspired writer. (:



One Response to “It’s my tale…”

  1. Shoaib August 23, 2016 at 5:15 pm #

    That ‘CRICKET’ in capital letters tho 😍 :p anyways nice to know you. Looking forward to reading your future posts Insha’Allah 🙂

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