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Twitter twitter every where!

17 Jul

“Arey yaar! bataya tou tha chachi ke yahan janna hay” – Mr. X

“Ramdan ka tou khayal kar, kab bataya?”- Mr.Y

“Twitter pe! bus meri responsibility khatam! ab yeh mat kehna ke tu ne check nai kiya!” – Mr X

“Zahir hay, mujhe laga phone karna zyada asaan tha” – Mr. Y

The conversation proceeded with an array of taunts regarding how technologically lagging My. Y was, and how dumb it was to expect a call.


Thanks to twitter! It’s viral and it’s every where… Back in early 2000’s when I was in school, I remember being resistant in taking permission from my mother for an orkut profile. Then, facebook took over the social media, and now twitter.

It’s increasingly growing importance in communication clouds is impressive and thought provoking. Journalists, news channels, celebrities and students specifically update themselves and the people they know, as well as those whom they are not concerned with, via there twitter profile. There popularity is a measure of how many known/unknown people follow them on twitter, there social activism is a measure of how many RTs (Re tweets) they ACHIEVE. There coolness is a measure of there contributions to the hash tags on the top trends list, and their knowledge is a measure of how controversial they comment on tweets which are merely based on facts.

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Precisely, Twitter is your personality and your career. There are campaigns which are being carried out on it every day, and people are actually paid for it. So, unemployed people should work on developing their twitter skills. Just tweet randomly, certainly less care about how much sense your words make.

And then there are others who make very good use of it! never to ignore those sensible people who are well aware of the vacuum the social media has filled up, and utilize it’s extensive use all over the world – Tweet for a change they say!

It’s all good! Twitter, it’s use; all of it. What I ponder upon is the weight-age it carries in deciding ones’ future. After all, twitter can never replace merit.

A few years ago, I happened to attend a session of an anchor/host from Geo Television network on media education, I remember him saying that Facebook and twitter are nothing but a mere waste of time. I came back home, looked up for him on facebook and came across his fully updated facebook profile. How expected! – just wondering, didn’t he knew that the audience he was addressing had a twitter and facebook account and he can easily be looked up?

Anyways, keep tweeting. Happy Tweeting!


Youth Summer Camp Naran 2012

19 Jul

Standing amid the rocky green mountains, I closed my eyes and took a flight into the deep ocean of desires and wishes. The view from PYU Naran was epic. The sound of flowing water carried every moment away from the soul, I was so close to nature, so close to the divine, ALLAH.

The cool wet breezes whispered untold stories, as we comforted our selves in chairs so as to feel dissolved in the megacosm, I felt people weaving bonds and friendships. A moment of realization which was common to all of us, brought our hearts to our tongues, and we spoke our memoirs. A second of inspiration and freshness dragged our hands into each other’s arms and we posed for all kinds of pictures. There was rain, there was excitation, there were friends, there was SCHEDULE. everything! just about everything.

Besides nature, we had talents under the same roof. Apart from the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Habib company along with their respective company commanders, we had people with good hearts – how do I know that? Because they actually valued Naseema Apa and Ibraheem Bhai  for the tireless efforts they use to put in, for serving us the best meals and of course, Chhai 🙂

When I thought of writing about such angelic talented people, I decided to do it this way!

Best LAUGHTER – Sameera * for the laughter therapy, Cheers.

Best SINGER – Zoha and Munira (both these voices made me realize that I suck at singing :D) Hats Off

Best SONG BANK – our very own Farheen Api (I never wanted to be in your rival team. Trust me!)

Best PHOTOGRAPHER – Ill not brag, But it’s me. I have the most and the best pictures 😀

The Bhoopo (loud speaker) – It’s Bushra Haneef. (I will break your record one day. Yes!)

Trendy Icons – Amna and Alina (they had the eye-catching wardrobe)

Best Starer (Taaro) – Every one knows him! 😀

Best Camper – Naano aka Fatima.:)

Best Actress – Huda Api. Shake your head like a cock, ONCE MORE!

The Funniest – Sidra (famous for her cell facebook app )

The ultra-sensitive – Sakina! lol you had the spirit.

The Doctor – Dr. Amayna (you were incredible in understanding our problems)

The Brave knight – Sir Muddassir (Kudo’s to you)

The Alarm clock – Mrs Ambreen ( you killed our morning dreams) haha..

The Story teller – Sir Aijaz. *Salute 🙂

The real TEACHER – Mrs. Zareen Sadiq (literally rejoiced her company)

and lots of other’s. Thank you Ms Sadia, Amna Jalal, Samar, Fatima Sana and Sir Arshad for adding flavors to our journey. Ms Neelam, specially remembering you.

I love describing nature, and indeed it was a replica of heaven.. but this time, I had to think of even more beautiful marvel’s of Allah, the CROWD. I respect the level of acceptance, the eagerness to enjoy, and the courage to travel in economy class trains of Pakistan. That, indeed was a heck of an experience.


Piya! O re Piya – exclusively by Habib Company.

Bulbuley – By Charlie Company

Saif-ul-Malook jeep ride.

Photography on the road-side waterfall.

Metro-One interviews. Thank you Sir Zawaar.

Pranks in Murree.

Tug of War finals in Bhurban

Daman-e-Koh in Islamabad!

Train ride- TEEZ GAAM

Lahore Cantt station and Rawalpindi Cantt station.

Will always miss these days! Stay Blessed every one/


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