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Calm waters.

6 Jun

Charmed by the dishonest shore, I want to stroll in style, bare foot alongside the blueness.. I want my eyes to shrink the calmest show and treasure it with so much of energy that it can battle the wildness of anything that I might come across. Without warnings, of course.



I want my hair to waltz with the breeze, and my scarf to sway with whiff. I want the arctic water to kiss my feet and leave behind a souvenir, a sea shell that can bring me music. I want to see the finest sunset, and witness the fusion of one shade of orange into an enemy shade of purple. I want to be an eye witness to the most extra ordinary marvels of lord, in the most ordinary of situations.

Nature is sublime. But we humans are the most alluring and the most magnificent creations of Allah. We’re crowned. Then why are we so deprived of the tranquility within?

We have pigments underneath our skin, and graphs of tones and pitches grading voices. We’re born and categorized. Rich, middle class, poor. Black, white, brown. Muslim, Christian, protestant. There is so much to figure out in this non stagnant world, where do I seek calmness and peace?

I am born a human, I am going to die as a human.

Simple and logical. Keep me away from all the chaos and crowd. I am better off as a ‘Human’ and that’s what I want to be good at, this Ramadan.

Ramadan kareem. Cheers.




Ramadan trial day 3

2 Jul

Ramadan trial day 3

‘ Mein rooz gunah karta hun, woh chupata hay apni rehmat se
Mein majboor apni adaat se, woh mashoor apni rehmat se ‘

It’s a propitious month, and I realized it while going through the gainfulness written in the reference books that Allah seeks ways to grant forgiveness and bounties, He finds reasons and searches for his creations to ask for grant, and we have been unfortunate enough as we have failed to realize why Ramadan is called a month dedicated to humans.

What I learned today is empathy. 15 years from today when I was an infant, I must have irked the people around me, as subtle as I would have been, there must have been moments when I would have urged to play, would have cried or just pinched everyone for no reason, but I don’t reserve a single memory when my parents threw me out of the house. Unfortunately, There are children who are found involved in the brutal amaroidal act of tossing their guardians out once they reach an age when technology becomes alienated for them, once they begin to question, once their hearing impairs, once they begin to expect that a firm hand would walk them through their elderly hood.

It’s agonizing how rampantly we forget the position Allah has granted our parents, our heaven suddenly becomes too bulky to take care off. I’ve always admired joint families, and have always wished to get one, because rightful relationships where due respect and honour are paid to everyone is where unearthliness nurtures.
I know I’d never leave a wrinkled hand delivering a hope that I’d return but I never would.
empathy shall stay.
Or my soul would be the most insulted one amongst all.

A moment spared…

11 Jul

It’s one silent moment, snatched from the briskness of the happenings. The swiftly accelerating rectitude owing to the arrival of the spiritually dynamic month of Ramadan has faded my color in the existence of plenty more saturated ones.

And there I was, inclined towards a misty thought, why just Ramadan, why just one month? As I leaned more towards the fact that a phrase such as “… feeling spiritual” actually exist, made me feel atrocious. Shall there be a feeling reserved for the divine? Something that should be stirred within, something that influence every breath that we take is stock piled for one month!




So I spared a moment, to Thank God for my exclusion from those people, I spread my arms wide, and promised in the presence of the brimming whiff. That every day, I’ll take a few seconds off to feel and realize that my being is Gods’ blessing.

Thank you Allah, for one more month of Ramadan. So I could ask my soul to purify it’s self with a vow. I’ll strive to be a better human.


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